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Hi Jussy! I've just been looking through your website with Helen and I were impressed. There are a couple of the London shots in black and white that we are interested in. Is it possible to have them printed on canvas, like you can buy for example we have one of New York skyline. Thought it would be good to have a London one on the opposite wall. Hope everything is going ok. Lots of love your brother...and Helen.


i liked your drawing , i like the way u have not been beaten into the trap of perfection , your style is both immaginative and has a child like charm ,, which is hard to replicate.your use of digital media , shows a keen eye for detail , while retaining an element of . surealisum. That sounds bollox mate lol nahh i like , keep it up


This new phone I'm using is pretty funky to allow me to sign this guest book! J


Loved the new photos